Watering System

IRISO® Drip Watering System - 
Smart & Ecological Drip Feed Irrigation System!
No electricity, batteries, timers or main water required.....
11 adjustable flow rates....

Automatically water your plants and one of the simplest systems available.  The main component of the system is a 11/4" diameter dripper which is used to supply plants with the water they require.  The flow of water can be adjusted between 150ml up to 2 litres per day by turning the top of the dripper.

                                                                                Quality made in France

See the products in action!  View both videos below.

IRISO Watering Spike

For watering individual plants
indoors or outdoors. A cheap
and easy device.  The spike lets you convert any old plastic bottle into an automatic watering system.

Great while away from home and holidays!

Watering Spike (Single)  $9.95 
Code: IR1        

Watering Spike (4 Pack ) $29.95
Code: IR4       

Spikes fit into plastic bottle and then inserted into your plant pot or vege garden.  Spike has 11 adjustable flow rates.  Great while you are away from home or garden.
Bottle not included

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IRISO Watering Kit - for 10 plants

This NEW IRISO Watering Kit is one of the simplest watering systems to install whilst still providing maximum versatility and reliability.  You don't need mains water - you can create your own reservoir of water using a plastic container, water butt, etc.  With no batteries or electricity required it will provide your plants with water 24 hours a day.  For maximum versatility the drip feeds have 11 adjustable flow rates - making this watering system suitable for watering potted plants, vegetables, garden flowers, shrubs, trees. Great for the greenhouse.








Watering Kit  $45.95   Code: IR10
Complete kit for watering up to 10 plants.  Includes 10 drippers, 8 metres of tube, 9 'T' connectors and 1 tank connector with filter.    Add on extra kits when required

Quick and easy to install
A tank connector lets you connect tubing directly into your reservoir of water.  All you need to do is drill a 9mm hold in the side of your water container and fit the connector.





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