Eden Aluminium Glasshouses made in New Zealand by Edenlite


Strong, slimline aluminium frame with unique custom design.
• won’t warp, rust, rot or break down under NZ UV conditions (unlike steel or PVC)
• exceptionally rigid and independent Certified Wind tested
to withstand the most rigorous conditions.
• quality aluminium extruded in NZ.
• low maintenance 

Full length aluminium gutters – no draughty air gap at eaves and allows catchment of pure rain water.

High pitched roof correctly angled for maximum light

Condensation channels – protect plants from damaging
water droplets.

Tension sealed glazing from top to bottom – captures
every last ray of sunshine.

Glazed in glass - timeless, rigid, optically superior, high light transmission, allowing solar heat energy trapping re-emitted warmth from soil, structure and plants. Will not scratch and aesthetically pleasing.
Glazing options available: 3mm, 4mm, Toughenend Safety glass.
Fingertip sliding draught proof doors – convenient and space saving on silent nylon wheels in a completely weatherproof track.

Advanced ventilation system with opening vents (optional automatic vent openers available).

Modular design which is easily extended – you’ll never outgrow your glasshouse.

Grand & 10 Series are Certified and Engineered to AS/NZS 1170 Standard providing complete peace of mind for structural strength.

Powder Coating - Optional in colours of your choice.

Assembly Instructions & DVD

Comprehensive range of accessories - Extension units, aluminium bases, alloy shelves and modular staging tables, vents, louvres, shade covers, automatic vent openers, crop clips.

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